Post-Maintenance Client Instructions

After updates are applied on the server intrastructure, it is best practice to follow the steps below to to minimize potential for scanning issues following server maintenance.

Clear Temporary Internet Files:

Open Internet Explorer, click the tools menu (or the gear icon) and choose Internet Options. Click the Delete... button. In the Delete Browsing History window, make sure 'Temporary Internet files and website files' and 'Cookies and website data' is checked. Also, make sure 'Preserve Favorites website data' is unchecked. Then click Delete and OK.

Clear Temporary Internet Files

Ensure '' is still listed in Compatibility View Settings:

Open Internet Explorer, click the tools menu (or the gear icon) and choose Compatiblity View Settings. If is not listed, type it into the field for 'Add this website:' and click Add and then OK. Close all Internet Explorer windows, reopen, and attempt to login to the service.

Compatibility View Settings

If prompted to install the SetupZIPtrc.exe Utility, please do so:

The SetupZiptrc.exe utility is required for the remote deposit service to function correctly. It also logs scanner operations to the C:\Temp directory on your local computer. These logs can be used to troubleshoot scanner-related issues.

If prompted for the install, choose Run (must be an administrator for the install to be successful) and choose the OK link on the webpage. You will be directed on to the remote deposit site.

SetupZiptrc.exe Prompt

When should I follow these instructions?

There are a couple clear symptoms with the service if you need to clear your Temporary Internet Files or your Compatibility View Settings are not added.

If you scan in Contemporary View, you may not be able to continue past the 'Create Deposit' window where a deposit total and account are entered. If you are able to, when scanning, images may not be uploaded to your deposit.

If you scan in Classic View, You may see a lengthy message when scanning notifying you items were scanned, but not uploaded.

Classic View Error

Also, if pages appear to be broken or misconstructed or if perhaps buttons do not function and you see script errors, this is a symptom of not being listed as a site to be viewed using Compatibility View.

Contact Information:

If none of the above solutions solve your issue, please give us a call so we may troubleshoot with you.

8:30am - 5:00pm Weekdays

For us to better assist you, we may ask you start a remote support session using the Team Viewer client. If asked, please click here and choose Run to start the support software.