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Please review our Install Guide for assistance with driver installation and the initial setup of UCBI Merchant Capture.

The latest workstation components can be found here. If this is installed, the number of manual IE settings and modications will be reduced. The manual settings can be found here.

The required scanner logging and troubleshooting components can be found here (SetupZiptrc.exe).

To help you get started with the Remote Deposit Service, see our Starter Kit. For general operating instructions and hints, see our Operator Guide.

If you are experiencing problems after server maintenance, please follow the steps outlined in this self-help document.

The latest scanner drivers will be made available on this website.

Support Contact:
8:30am - 5:00pm Weekdays

Click here to download the Adobe Reader

CR-180, CR-180II (11.2MB) ZIP
CR-25/CR-55 (10.9MB) ZIP
CR-50/CR-80 (12.9MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
CR-180 v2.2.110.1 (9.4MB) ZIP
CR-180II v2.3.2.1 (9.8MB) ZIP
CR-25/CR-55 v2.3.3.2 (9.5MB) ZIP
CR-50/CR-80 v2.6.0.5 (13.0MB) ZIP

Digital Check
CX30, TS215/TS230/TS240 (11.6MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
CX30, TS210/TS230 v2.5.28 (7.6MB) ZIP
TS240 v2.4.9 (10.1MB) ZIP
Direct from DigitalCheck (1.0MB)

Excella/Excella STX (8.5MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
Excella v2.2.73 (8.5MB) ZIP

I:Deal, MyVision X (MVX), VisionX (VX) (44.6MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
Panini v4.1.18.1 (42.6MB)
Panini v2.5.37.4 (26.7MB) ZIP

RDM/Unisys EC7000 Series (11.1MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
EC7000 v2.5.26 (11.1MB) ZIP

SmartSource Micro v3.1.2.1 (32.4MB) ZIP
SmartSource Pro/Value (11.1MB) ZIP
SourceNDP (6.8MB) ZIP

Previous Versions:
SmartSource Pro/Value v2.5.36.2 (17.1MB) ZIP
SourceNDP v3.0.2.99 (4.4MB) ZIP

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